Inspiration for The Health Advocate Guide

My inspiration to pursue the information in The Health Advocate Guide has many components. Being in service to my community is a major reason. In this area, my mentors have been Dr. and Mrs. William Hutchinson of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.


I had been Charlotte Hutchinson’s private caregiver for close to 6 years. I was completely surrounded by pictures and stories of the amazing life that Charlotte shared.


When my research for The Health Advocate Guide seamed overwhelming, I would only have to look around me and I was reminded of the trials and tribulations Dr. Hutchinson went through to open and present to the world his tribute to his beloved brother, Fred Hutchinson. The enormity of Dr. Hutchinson’s dream made my dream seem like a drop in the bucket in comparison.


My dear Charlotte was my wise sage. She made me feel like one of her family members. When I had questions, she always had the most amazingly wise answers. So, I designed The Health Advocate Guide for you, the reader. When you fill out this information, forms and documents then you just don’t have to worry any longer.


Thank you for everything Charlotte.