You and The Health Advocate Guide

The material in The Health Care Advocate informs and supports you as a proactive partner in your health care needs. Getting the best results from your health care experience is the goal. You will learn how to create your health care and support team. Your health care team includes family, friends, and health care professionals.


The more you participate in your:

· Care and decisions

· Keeping your needs current

· Team communication


The more you help:

· Ensure your safety.

· Prevent medical errors.

· Assure the best medical treatment choices.


NOW is the time for you to be direct, honest, and ask questions. Expect and ask for open discussions with your health care team. You will feel better about the important choices you need to make when you clearly understand your condition, your health care needs, and options.


Your choice will be about:

· Mental health

· Physical health

· Financial needs and preferences

· Material preferences

· Final arrangements


By being organized and having your essential papers in order, you will feel a new level of freedom. Addressing vital information about your emotional wishes for your organic body sets you free to actively live your life. You know that nothing important is forgotten.


The Health Advocate Guide might actually be used because it is easy and simple to understand. All your basic critical medical information in one place. Having the information in a binder allows you to add more information and customize to fit many needs.”


Marla Beck
CSA, President of Andelcare


“I have read through The Health Advocate Guide. I find no conflicting or contradicting medical information therein, and moreover it is full of not only critically necessary, but simple, sound and appropriate advice for anyone interacting with the medical field. This essential material will ease the burden of information gathering on providers, and will improve communications among all involved parties.”


E. MacArthur Noyes, M.D., FACEP


“As an attorney, I often have business ideas, plans, ideas, products and other material presented to me for feedback and input.  Prior to The Health Advocate Guide, I never felt comfortable providing a testimonial or helping to promote the product.  This Guide is different.  The information provided and the organizational framework for the Guide are invaluable.  I recommend that every family and every individual I know take the time and effort to review this Guide and utilize the information and organizational steps within the document.

The Guide is a clearly written, simple straight forward organizational tool.  The potential benefits of this unique publication cannot be overstated. The Health Advocate Guide provides a great framework to handle healthcare needs during times of stress.  I recommend that every family have one for each member of the household.”


Jordan M. Hecker
Hecker Wakefield & Feilberg, P.S.


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